About UPP / Partners

NTF - National Training Foundation is a nonprofit organization. It was established in 1994 through the Government regulation to support the projects in the field of education and training.

Over the past 20 years NTF implements projects that cover general secondary school and professional education at all levels - primary, secondary and higher education, including postgraduate and supplementary education. A wide range of issues are addressed both in the education system (educational content, teaching methodology, educational publishing, the use of new information technologies, organizational and financial mechanisms for management of educational institutions and the development of innovation infrastructure of educational institutions) and in building the communication between the educational system and the labor market.
NTF works closely with federal departments and agencies, regional educational authorities of the Russian Federation, educational institutions of all types, trade unions and associations, representatives of the labor market.

NTF has established a large (over 1000) pool of recognized experts in fields of education and science. These professionals participate as experts and consultants in the development of educational projects in the republics of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Ukraine. They are actively engaged in the examination of national educational projects of international organizations (European Training Foundation, World Bank, UNICEF).

• Monitoring the Priority National Education Project (incl. the operatorship in 2006-2010);
• Project “Informatization of the Education System”;
• More than 20 projects in the framework of the Federal Target Programme on the Development of Education;
• Education Reform Project;
• Innovation Project of Education Development;
• Methodology development for comprehensive monitoring of Competitiveness Performance and Policies of Russian universities among the world's leading research and education centers;
• Training Project for financial and managerial staff;
• International training projects for financial and managerial staff and the development of education system;
• Organization of delegation visits composed of young professionals representing political, social, scientific and business circles of Germany, France, the Netherlands, the CIS countries, the BRICS and others.

Today we work with ministries and agencies, private companies and international financial organizations, higher education institutions and research centers, public and private structures of regional, federal and international levels. We provide analytical support for federal target programs and engineer system of qualifications certification for various sectors, implement projects in the field of ICT competences and develop distance learning technologies, as well as participate in international projects, organize scientific conferences and online seminars.

NTF mission is to facilitate the development of an efficient system of education and science in Russia to enhance the national competitiveness, based on the following principles:

Professionalism and efficiency, because we acknowledge the value of time resource multiplied by the professional approach to project implementation.

We work proactively, striving not only to implement projects on time, but also provide customers with forward-thinking ideas on future project development.

We prioritize customer needs and proceed to project implementation only after verifying the potential benefits of its realization.

We always rely on the expert community, providing customers with the broadest possible perspective on projects in implementation, based on close cooperation with most qualified specialists in various fields.

We value technological effectiveness, because we believe that process of intellectual project development should be combined with the most advanced technological platform for its implementation.

We adhere to the principle of transparency, publicizing as much as possible the positive impact of our projects in research and education community.