How to use UPP website

how to use UPP  US-Russia University Partnership Program

The US-Russia University Partnership Program invites higher education institutions from Russia and the United States and their representatives (including professors, researchers and administrative staff) to register partnership projects, search for partners, and apply for partnership funding using our website.
Using the University Partnership Program website has three main steps:

Step 1: Register a partnership project in the UPP database
Step 2: Use the UPP database to search for partner institutions with similar interests
Step 3: Apply with partners to the UPP funding competition


The first step is registration. You must register in the UPP database in order to get full access to the UPP website, including funding application forms. When you register, you will be asked to create a login and password, as well as enter some information about your institution and the types of US-Russia partnership projects you are interested in. After you complete registration, UPP staff will review and activate your registration within 48 hours.

UPP Project Database:

Once your registration is approved, your project will appear in the UPP database. You can search the UPP database for projects submitted by other institutions. If you are interested in a project you find in the database, click the “Contact this University” button at the top of each profile to access their contact form (you must be logged in to access this form).

Funding Competition:

Once a pair or group of institutions from both countries has decided to collaborate on a partnership project, you can submit a joint proposal to the UPP funding competition. This competition offers two stages of funding for designing and launching US-Russia partnership projects. The application forms can be downloaded from the Partnership Funding page using your login and password from registration.
Questions? Visit our FAQ page or Contact Us.
Detailed Registration Instructions:

1. From the main menu select “Register a Project”

2. Read the instructions and Terms of Use. If you agree, check the “I accept” box and click “Start Registration”. You will be taken to a form where you can fill out information about the partnership projects you are interested in.

3. Create a login and password that will be used to access your account on the “Account Creation” page. Click “Next”.

4. Enter the information that you want displayed in the UPP database in the required fields of the “Profile in English” page. Click “Next”. (Note: to go back to the previous page, please use the button labeled “Back” on the form instead of your web browser’s back button).

5. After completing the Profile in English, fill out the Profile in Russian. If you don’t speak Russian, fill out as much as possible and then check the “I am unable to complete profile” box at the top of the form (this will send UPP a notification that you need help finding a translator for your profile). Click “Next”.

6. Proceed to the “Confirmation” section and click on “Complete Registration”.

7. You will receive an email confirming your registration. Your profile will be reviewed and activated within 48 hours of registration.

8. Once activated, your project profile will appear in our database and be searchable for other users.