About UPP / FAQ

UPP Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can post a project in the UPP database?

Accredited higher education institutions from US and Russia and their representatives, including professors, researchers and academic and administrative staff are eligible to register on the UPP website and post project profiles. While individual students are not permitted to post their own projects, they may participate in implementation of faculty or staff-created projects. 

2. Can one institution post multiple projects to the UPP database?

Yes. There is no limit on the number of projects that can be posted to the UPP database per institution.

3. I am interested in implementing a US-Russia partnership at my institution, but I do not have a specific project in mind yet. Can I still post a profile on the UPP database?

Yes, you can post a project profile without a specific project in mind. You are welcome to make the project summary in the UPP database as broad or as detailed as necessary. We do ask that you enter some general partnership information, such as the types of partnerships you are interested in (e.g. dual degree programs, joint faculty research). Keep in mind that the more effort you put into the creation of your project profile, the more likely it is that potential partners will be interested in working with you. 

4. Do I need to complete my project profile in both Russian and English? 

Yes, project profiles need to be completed in both languages. If you do not have the language skills to fully complete your project profile, we recommend that you first ask English-speaking or Russian-speaking colleagues at your institution for help before searching for professional translation assistance.

5. Can UPP help me with project profile translation?

If you cannot find translation assistance yourself, UPP can help you find a translator. While UPP will not translate your profile for you, we can provide you with a list of professional translation services in both countries that would be capable of translating your project profile for a fee. 

6. How do I edit my project profile?

In order to edit your project profile, you need to log in into your UPP account and proceed to the Create a Project page. In the upper left corner of the window click on the Edit a Project button to edit your profile.

7. I found a project in the UPP database that I am interested in partnering with. How do I get in touch with the staff at its implementing institution?

If you have registered a project in the UPP system, you can contact other institutions directly via our database on the Find a Partner page. Simply log in, go to the relevant project profile and click the "Contact University" button to access the project’s contact form. If you encounter any technical problems, please contact UPP staff at upp@eurasia.org.

8. Does UPP facilitate the communication process between institutions?

UPP provides contact forms for institutions to communicate with potential partners. The institutions are responsible for using the provided contact information to manage their own communications.

9. How do I apply for UPP funding?

Information on how to apply for UPP’s partnership funding is available on the Partnership Funding page. The applications for the first round of Contact and Linkage project funding can be accessed from this page starting on January 26, 2015. Completed applications should be emailed to upp@eurasia.org.

10. Can nonacademic institutions apply for funding?

No. Only accredited degree-granting higher education institutions from Russia and US are eligible to participate.

11. Are partnerships between more than two institutions allowed in UPP funding proposals?

Yes, as long as at least one Russian institution and one US institution participate.

12. Can I apply for UPP funding without creating a project profile?

No. You need to be registered in the UPP database in order to download UPP funding applications.

13. Can I create a project profile even if I do not plan to apply for UPP funding?

Yes. Institutions who plan on leveraging alternative financial resources are welcome to use the UPP database to find potential partners.

14. Can one institution submit multiple applications for partnership funding?

Yes. Different schools and/or departments of the same institution may submit applications for funding. However, UPP will fund only one project per institution during each funding round.

15. Can projects that receive UPP partnership funding also receive funding from additional sources?

Yes. In UPP Linkage project funding proposals, institutions are required to supply a combined total of at least $5,000 to the project budget in cost-share to demonstrate support for the partnership initiative. Institutions are welcome to leverage multiple funding sources to reach that amount.

16. What language should UPP funding applications be filled out in? 

It depends on the section within the application - some must be filled out in both English and Russian, while others provide applicants flexibility to use their language of choice. The language requirements for each section are clearly indicated on the application documents. 

17. What currency is UPP funding awarded in? 

All funding awards will be made in US dollars. Please calculate all budget components of UPP funding applications based on US dollars.

18. Once UPP funding has been awarded, how will this funding be transferred to recipients? 

UPP usually releases funds via check to US recipients and via wire transfer to Russian recipients.